United Church of Christ

The United Church of Christ is made up of 1.2 million members in 6,000 congregations. Unlike most denominations where direction comes from the top down, most worship and governance decisions in the UCC are made within the local church.  We pride ourselves on lay leadership, where members serve a  variety positions throughout the church (Education, Outreach and Advocacy, Worship, etc.).

Congregations are bound together by a covenant of mutual ministry through which we affirm our oneness in Christ and recognize a spiritual interdependence with each other.

In practical terms, the United Church of Christ is as old as 1616 (one of our churches in Massachusetts) and as new as our most recent church started this year.  Today we place great emphasis on diversity, inclusion, freedom of conscience in belief, and justice and mission activities.


Dr. Vaughn CroweTipton

Dr. CroweTipton brings to Emmanuel extensive experience as a pastor, expansive theological knowledge, and strong leadership skills, as well holding the core values that are central to this faith community. We are truly blessed to have Vaughn's leadership at Emmanuel UCC.

Vaughn is married to Beverly, who also serves in ministry. They have two children, Jared and Abby.


associate pastor


Rev. Cindy Bovee-Kemper

Cindy Bovee-Kemper is a graduate of Lancaster Theological Seminary, a graduate school affiliated with the United Church of Christ. She comes to Emmanuel UCC after years of working in the hospital setting both at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC and Wake Forest Baptist in Winston-Salem, NC. Recently, she has participated in endurance events completing a marathon in the Fall of 2017 and the Trailblaze Challenge (hiking 28.3 miles in one day) in the Spring 2018. Cindy and her wife, Rev Lisa Bovee-Kemper, are parents to two young children.

Music Director 

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Kristin Camacho

Kristin Camacho is a musician and educator with an appreciation of music’s roll in the worship service. A piano performance degree graduate from The Cleveland Institute of Music and Arizona State University, Kristin has concertized extensively as a soloist and chamber musician. Kristin’s roll at ECC includes accompanying Sunday morning worship, leading the choir and facilitating special music. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors with her husband, Dionisio and their two dogs.

Youth Leader


Joey Fuson

Joey Fuson is a Greenville native and a graduate of Furman University and Wake Forest School of Divinity. He realized a passion for youth ministry during his time at Wake Forest. He loves to hike in the mountains of North Carolina, especially during the fall. The most frequent companion he has on adventures is his beagle, Jenny, with whom he spends as much time as possible. His apartment contains an extensive collection of board games, and he is always down for a game of Spades.