God is still speaking

"Never place a period where God has placed a comma"

At a time when religion is too often viewed as narrow minded and exclusive, UCC offers an alternative vision:

Where God is all-loving and inclusive
Where the Church of Jesus Christ welcomes and accepts everyone as they are
Where your mind is nourished as much as your soul
Where Jesus the healer meets Jesus the revolutionary
Where together we grow a just and peaceful world

Our Values

Radical Hospitality

We believe in radical hospitality. No matter where on life’s journey you are, you are welcome as part of our faith community. We will create safe space to embrace all kinds of individuals or groups and extend extravagant welcome such that all may be valued.

Social Justice

We believe that we are called to be a voice for those with no voice. Following the example of Jesus Christ, we will actively pursue social justice by providing education, hands-on ministry, service, advocacy, and example to support those marginalized in our community, nation, and world.

Progressive Theology

We believe in the still speaking God. Because God is still speaking, we will foster a community that values scripture, reason, and scholarship. Our Christian education will encourage questioning, critical thinking, reasoning, and individual relationship with God. We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and remain comfortable with the mystery of our faith.

Open and Affirming

Emmanuel UCC  affirms that God's love, Christ's Church, and the Spirit's power are for people of every age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental and physical ability, gender identity, political and theological background, and socioeconomic status.


We believe in using liturgy as a traditional framework for modern worship. We will create worship experiences that both inspire and renew and are relevant in today’s world. 


We believe that all faith traditions should be valued. “That they all may be one”. We will welcome and seek opportunities to engage in worship, education, and service with those of other faith traditions to do God’s work in our community. 

Our Vision

"Creating a community where each person is valued as a beloved child of God"


Our mission

"Serving the still speaking God, we embody God's love for all people by pursuing justice, extending radical hospitality, and fostering safe space for questioning and growth."


Our invitation

If you have been searching for a church where you are loved and affirmed for exactly who you are, come join us at Emmanuel UCC.